Our Mission

The MBA has been formed with the mission of sponsoring or supporting activities that will benefit businesses and business growth in the Mentone area. The objectives of these activities will be anything that will improve the business environment in Mentone, including increasing customer traffic, coordinating for the mutual benefit of various types of businesses, improved and cost-effective advertising methods, improved communication with local town leaders to help bring about such changes, and other activities to enhance the health and success of our local businesses. Although all businesses are encouraged to join us, membership is entirely voluntary. MBA activities and projects will be undertaken that benefit the entire business community in and around Mentone, both members and non-members.

Anyone in the Mentone area is invited to join, but especially those that own and/or operate businesses of any kind. No dues are currently being charged, but may be determined as necessary in the future and our membership agrees.
Current Officers

President, Charlotte Gentry, phone: 256-996-5995, email: charlotte@mentonerealty.com

Vice-President, Sharon Habin, phone: 765-404-1842, email:  silodooris@yahoo.com

Secretary, Lisa Schad, phone: 256-635-8855, email: lisa.schad@gmail.com
Mentone Business Association
CLICK HERE for April 10, 2017 minutes and results of our visit to the Town Council.